Ella 16" Full size band

Ella 16" Full size band

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Exclusive To Colorado Designs

The stunning "Ella" band is available for dispatch within 48 hours.

  • 16" / my standard "Full" sizing, on a 1" wide band.
  • Hand sewn chain detailing on band
  • Genuine rose gold leather
  • Approximately 50 hand placed crystals

Featuring soft blue, "Ella" is the latest addition to the Colorado Designed two-tone range.
Silver accents, and rose gold features. The two-tone range gives you or your beloved show-ring fashionista the best of both worlds, without having to buy a whole new rose gold wardrobe to replace all your silver.

*Dispatch within 48 hours.
Note this browband features genuine rose gold leather, hand sewn and hand placed detailing. This piece is intended as a show piece, and not for every day use or use during wet weather due to leather elements.
Any damage that occurs to this band due to usage other than intended purpose, or from being left on the horse while unattended is not considered a design flaw.