Harlow Custom

Harlow Custom

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"Harlow" 15" / Cob

White velvet browband, with stunning quality silver crystal chain hand sewn on. Featuring silver accents and a backdrop of genuine rose gold leather on the band, with rose gold shimmer ribbon on the rosettes.

This two-tone design is perfect for the rose gold enthusiast, who already has a wardrobe of silver and doesn't want to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

Note this browband is a wider (1.25" wide) band.

Fully wool felt backed for the browband's protection and your horse's comfort. 
Due to the hand sewing and foil finished leather on this browband it is entirely intended as a show piece and should not come into contact with water. Damage from "every day usage" is considered as extra stress on the band and is not considered a fault or design flaw. It is highly recommended this piece be stored on a curve, to reduce stress on the chain.

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