Horsehair Bracelets

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Custom Horsehair Bracelets

Sentimental statement pieces of jewellery. Made especially for you, with the precious locks of your beloved equine partner.
Finished off with quality sterling silver findings and accents, these are sure to become a treasured keepsake showcasing your bond.
Please send approximately a pencil thickness amount of hair, at least half your fore-arm length, in a named envelope or ziplock bag with your name and measurement on it.

Note* Bracelets can only be made with tail hair, unfortunately mane hair is too fragile. While these bracelets have been tested, to ensure they remain in perfect condition, I strongly suggest treating these like any other precious pieces of jewellery you own.
Responsibility can not be taken for breakage due to the bracelet catching on saddles/branches/door handles, etc. Do not wear your bracelet while showering or swimming.

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