Orb Pendant

Orb Pendant

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Glass Keepsake Pendant

These cute-as-a-button glass orbs are 14mm, light as a feather, and finished with stainless steel findings. Chain measures approximately 59cm. This pendant is shown with locks of tail hair, however would be ideal to encapsulate and protect your treasured mane or tail hair, fur, feathers, or even baby's first curl.

Note!! This keepsake is glass and care must be taken whilst wearing it. It is highly recommended you do not wear this keepsake while riding, doing physical activity, swimming, etc. By purchasing this item, you accept that it is fragile and may break if mishandled. Colorado Designed Browbands takes no responsibility for any injury due to breakage.

Please send hair to;

Colorado Designed Browbands 

309-313 Greensward Road
Tamborine QLD 4270


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