"Sorbet" 13.25" pony band

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"Sorbet" 13.25" in stock design

"Sorbet" is available in a 13.25"design on a 1" band. suit slightly larger than small pony head. 
Cream band, featuring exclusive limited edition pastel rainbow silk cording, these bands won't last long. Ombre rosettes in lemon, peach and pink make it a versatile design to swap up for the little rider who doesn't like too much of the "same" every show. 

Fully wool felt backed for the browband's protection and your horse's comfort. 
Note this browband is entirely intended as a show piece. Damage from "every day usage" is considered as extra stress on the band and is not considered a fault or design flaw.
It is highly recommended this browband be stored on a curve.

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