"Stella" 16"/ full Design

"Stella" 16"/ full Design

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"Stella" 16" in stock design

"Stella" is available in a 16"/my standard full size.
Black browband, featuring holographic mirrors, bordered by a petite rose gold chain with a stunning rose gold focal chain. 
If you love mega bling, this band can't be clicked past. 

Fully wool felt backed for the browband's protection and your horse's comfort. 
Note this browband features hand sewn chains, and due to the mirror features is entirely intended as a show piece. Damage from "every day usage" is considered as extra stress on the band and is not considered a fault or design flaw.
It is highly recommended this browband be stored on a curve due to the mirrors and stitching. No responsibility is taken for damage incurred by laying/forcing the band flat.